You all must have seen kites flying up in the sky with all its radiant colour and patterns. I too have enjoyed watching them fly high and even ran insanely behind them when they fall, just get hold of it.

At that time I never thought of how a simple, small kite can teach you some deep lessons for life. But now I think I have become more philosophical and metaphysical, ” and Goss I don’t know it’s for good or not.”

So, now when ever i encounter a kite flying up in the sky, I just can’t stop myself from wondering, how a single tread is helping the kite to fly high and touch the sky. “Woo.. it became rhyming” and as soon as the the cord gets lose or snapped the poor kite losses it’s control and falls down and hit the ground.

What is the strength of that trivial tread, how it keeps the kite aflote against all odds?

Let’s give some thoughts on that petty cord and awaken the philosopher within you…..

Just like the kite we too want to fly high and explore the vast sky that spreads over us, and we try are best to do that and the treads which are keeping us afloat, are the bonds and connections which we have with our roots, people around us, people you love or the people who love you even the connection to your thoughts and your inner self.

Each bond is a thread and is equally paramount to keep you going. But be careful with all those delicate treads, don’t create a mess around you and just like a fish get entangled in the mesh or neither a spiders web to trap others. Keep it simple yet strong, be true to yourself and genuine at the same time. Every thread is like a delicate lace, intertwined with the mixture of trust, care, genuinity, belief, assurance and many more. The amusing fact is how ever delicate these threads may be they never fail in strengthening you. And even if you have a little knowledge about flying kites you would know how much of hard work it takes to make the string strong and protect the kite while flying it.

Same goes with our bonds…..

The more true and pure nourishment it gets the more stronger it becomes.

We all are in the journey of our lives, travelling very fast, and it’s pleasant to watch how we come across other travellers on the journey admire their quirks, enjoy every bit with them like never before, create tonnes and tonnes of memories to cherish and then just like that we move on with our journey adding one more thread to strengthen our rope which has the capacity of pulling us up when ever we feel trapped or low at any point of time in our life.

But if at any point of time you feel that instead of providing you support, it’s pulling you down, then just be strong enough and let it go…..

Or else the weight will not let you enjoy your journey and go far to explore all shades of life and explore the vast sky.

But remember one thing.. just the way you are counting on your threads to fly high, someone may be counting on you as their support to stay afloat. Try not to let them down, coz some times it feels amazing to be a reason for someone’s smile and take them high where you wanted to be…..

P.S.- “the smile gives you a kick start, and a feeling of being at cloud nine.. and that’s what you want.. to fly….”



“She is the 1st love of every individual, she is the firm believer that you can, she is the warm blanket for winter, she is the shadow in the sun, she is the soft breeze which touches your face and passes by gently… she is the world.

We call her with different names Maa.. Mom.. Amma.. Aai.. Mummy.. but the feeling remains the same. Have you ever discussed with your friend about your mom? If you have you must be knowing this golden rule – every mother is same and the dialogue we used remains the same too “my mom does the same thing yaar”.

When we start growing up.. which is the time after class 7th or 8th “our super power wakes up at this age.. haha..” all of a sudden the world becomes our playground.. till the time life hits us.. we feel we are the king & we rule this place the so called feeling of being a grown-up now, and everything we do is awesome, is just amazing. And after some point of time when we come across life we realise we have not grown at all. sorry.. the correct word would be.. we haven’t matured at all and we again look around for some soft breeze to pass by and give back our calm and pacify us.. but lucky are the one who find that breeze and shadow at every point of life. Life takes us through a roller coaster and we just have to hold on tight, thinking that when we get down, a hand will be waiting there for us, to hold us and take us home saying “enough of trill now lets go back home”.

Back then we used to fight for setting us free, the care and concerns felt like boundaries which we also wanted to break and explore what’s behind that, now we miss those boundaries, the place where we were safe and be vulnerable.

We don’t realise the value of somethings until we lose it.

Few get a chance to collect what is scattered and some don’t. My point is should we wait until the loss occurs or should we be proactive in identifying the little cracks before the building collapses.

Life has it’s own pace we have to learn how to take care of every moment ‘coz we can’t go back & relive every moment. We need to realise the importance and worth of the unconditional care and love we get. It reminds me of a saying-

“You can’t pour from an empty jug.”

Same goes with people, everyone has it’s own saturation point. We need to care for people and in return they ‘ll care for us.. but these unique creature called mother they have this invisible surplus of love and care, from where they are getting this unlimited supply no one knows. What ever the situation be, what ever the place be.. surpassing all odds one person will always have our back.. “Maa”. From small silly mistakes to big blunders.. in this universe or from other universe she will guide your way back to HOME.


That morning when every thing seemed usual for her, as all other days…. the land line rang in a similar sequence once again after ages..

“1st single ring and disconnect.. 2nd two consecutive rings and disconnect 3rd three rings and then the silence followed”

Her heart pounded like never before. she started thinking, what just happened. And in a flash all memories which were buried deep inside for years ran in front of her eyes.

It was the winter of 2002 when she met him for the 1st time. While unloading in her new house in mussoorie. A cute guy on the balcony of the neighbourhood. Their eyes stuck for a while. Then a voice from inside the house called,”Tara bring in the box.”

She ran in with a smile on her face. The other day they met again, but just passed each other as strangers. Coincidently they came out to be classmates.

Hi. I’m prithvi, I saw you the other day, so you the new neighbour.”

She blushed. Hi, I’m Tara. Smile

They talked like they knew each other since ages.He helped her to settle down in the new place. They walked back together on the chilli winter road. Unlike today there were no WhatsApp or messenger. He started waiting for her in the morning before college and used to accompany her back home. Soon their friendship got deeper and they started spending more time with each other. The care and affection grew with time. They loved being together. They understood every mood, every words of other. That was the time when land lines were famous and that’s when they decided the sequence they would use as a signal to meet up. 1st single ring and disconnect.. 2nd two consecutive rings and disconnect 3rd three rings and the point of meeting was fixed. In the freezing nights they used to spend hours talking under the sky on the roof.

She asked: do you believe in love?

He said: I don’t know, never thought about it.

And after they graduated, Tara had to shift to a new town. This was the hardest thing she had to do. She thought she would confess her love to him regardless of the fact what his reply was, but the thought remained a thought. She left the town, They decided to write to each other. But as time passed by it was hard to keep up. She always made sure she wrote to him and waited eagerly for the reply.

It was five years since they last spoke. She stood in front of the phone startled, still trying to recollect all memories she had and how badly she waited for the moment.

The hope with which she waited for him to contact her,the hope that they would be together again.. and all of a sudden she was struck by reality and realisation that it’s been five long years since they talked and six years since they parted away. There are a lot of things that has changed with time. She has changed, what if he is not the same she has imagined him to be , what if he has expected her to be different from what she is today and she decided not to take the call..

The dilemma of whether to step forward and move into the future with the past or to step back and let the past pass by.. made her more miserable.

The phone rang again..


Sometimes you make choices and sometime choices make you..”

There are times in life when you have to make hard choices but at that point of time it’s the right thing to do. Just as a fresh water stream is said to be the one which keeps moving.. if you stay stagnant you may become stale or even perish..

But how do we know that the choices we are making are always right. Let’s just say..”who cares.” Whether it’s right or wrong who will judge you anyway. Ok ok.. our great society will do ‘coz it’s India a land of heritage.. let’s not get carried away.. what if anyone judges you.. again “who cares.

Most important thing is you should be happy with what you are doing there should not be any regrets left behind.

And what if the choices you make don’t make you happy.. but still you have to make it.. well, sometimes bad choices make good stories. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. Your life is the reflection of decisions you took in your life, never blame another person for your personal choices.

If you end up making a bad choice then let me tell you it’s not the end the bad one leaves you with this 3 new options-

•you can either let it define you

• let it destroy you

• or let it strengthen you.

Life happens..

Life happens!!

And it happens without any prior notice so respect and love everyone. The time God has given each of us is very limited. Make optimum use of it. I have had near death experience not once but quite a few time. Its just that Me and deep water are best buddies, it just pulls me towards itself. Yes, that’s true. I am well trained in Drowning. I have had my own experience, and that few minutes which I encountered with death was so terrifying that no other feeling can encompass it.

That moment made me realise how beautiful or amazing my life is and how important are the people within it. And at that point before the black out I started calculating.. ‘although I’m very bad at it’ that what all good memories I have left in everyone’s mind. Whether they will remember me,miss me or I’ll just fade away from their memories. That incident changed my perspective towards life.

Hatred begets hatred and love begets love.” I took a pledge to live life as a brave heart, and adopt a humble, respectful and loving attitude towards all. The moral always remains the same-to be happy and satisfied under all circumstances. And of course to enjoy live life as it comes,and to burn the ego and jealousy to emerge out with a pure heart.

Many times I hear from my friends and dear ones “why are you the way you are?” And many people think that I just pretend to be happy and carefree all the time. But it’s just that after a point of time or any incident every thing around you starts making sense and you start taking things as they are. So, just take life as it comes and always be grateful to what you get.

If you want I can explain the whole process what it takes while drowning I’m well trained now.. 1st-you jump in the water, 2nd-it plays with you like a yoyo throwing you up and down a few time be it 4-5, 3rd– yes.. you are that stupid who believes that when you go down and your feet touches the ground and you push it with all your might and assume that you will stay afloat this time, 4th– you start suffocating ,5th-after drinking enough water now you are ready to say goodbye,6th– ‘shit’ someone saved me. And the process remains incomplete…. hahaha

Enjoy your life at the same time take good care of yourself and people around you.

Dare to love..

The Valentine week is on.. so let’s talk about LOVE. The toughest time for a single! If they survive this it’s like surviving a nuclear attack. Every shop you go at any area it’s bombarded with Valentine gifts, couples walking on streets hand in hand. They call it as ‘love is in the air’. Which is actually suffocating for the singles. They try to console themselves by some or the other way. Talking about love..

So,what is love…

We all crave for love but what exactly does this four letter word mean!! For different people it can have different meaning. According to my very little knowledge about love I think, love is an emotion.. a truthful, innocent and devotional feeling.

I have heard many people say ‘I will not change myself for anyone ‘. ‘Adjustment, is the last thing I will do for anyone’. The fact is change is the only thing constant, you may have heard this saying over and over again that you are now immune to this quote. But I must tell you this is the truth. When two people come together they both have to make some small adjustments, which is totally fine. If your little effort can make some one happy and it causes no harm to you or other then it’s perfectly fine to do that.

You have to understand the fact that when you opt for love you have to keep aside your ego. You can’t keep two rivals in a same room. And when I say ego it does not mean self respect. You need to make it very clear ego and self respect are two different things. And you have to let go your ego not your self respect. If you observe deeply their are many positive change which comes to you automatically, when you do something selflessly for others happiness. Try it.. seeing your loved one’s smile is the best feeling ever.

Love is a bliss..

Not everyone get to experience it but one who does are the luckiest one. Love needs care, compassion, devotion, time, faith and trust… “A relationship is a seed which needs proper care to grow..and grow as a beautiful tree..”


Solitude helps you to discover that you can walk through life all by yourself and that you don’t need to be dependent on anything or anyone. We are so blindly dependent on anyone that we don’t even realise that what will we do when a vacuum is created when they are gone. The life becomes suffocating and less beautiful than before. Even though the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, the beauty of dusk and dawn, the sublime voices of birds all fade away. We feel stuck…. like a butterfly in a crystal jar…...

“But your fear is 100% dependent on you for its survival.”

The fear of missing out. Better known as #FOMO in today’s context.. Ignorance towards your self is dependency, illiteracy about opportunities is dependency..

When you realise and admit what your fears are.. that very day you realise the butterfly is not stuck in a jar but it’s… a butterfly stuck in a chrysalis, waiting for the perfect moment, the day it could burst forth and fly away and find it’s home.

And “home” that every one is looking for is no where else.. but it’s you who can give shelter to your own soul. It’s you who can affirm yourself .

Happiness is like a ripple. If you’re the origin, you will get happiness back with same frequency. To stay happy follow these simple steps– ●work hard
●complain less. ●listen more
●try, learn, grow
●don’t let people tell you it cant be done
●make no excuses.